Scuola psicoterapia: The art of conflict resolution.

8th European Conference on Bodypsychotherapy, Edmond Aan Zee, 2001.

What is it that really enables us to resolve conflicts and profoundly change people? Which elements does the therapist really put into action in psychotherapy?

Today it has become clear that it is not enough to draw out experiences, help off-load emotions, or make the body move. It is not enough to know how to welcome a patient or to know how to maintain a certain setting.

We have discovered, however, that genuinely notable results can be obtained in psychotherapy by going beneath all this and recuperating and reconstructing the deep functioning: the functioning which is the base of our behaviour, of our various means of acting and interacting with the world and the people around us.

Therefore it is not only a question of dealing with emotions and consciousness in the therapeutic relationship. It is necessary to go further and above all, to rediscover the roots of the vitality and potential of the entire organism, in order to perform effectively and fully, transforming directly the altered and suffocated modality and recuperating the Basic Experiences and Capacities.